Your Business

You did it. You nailed down your offering to customers, took care of the administrative minutia and you’re ready for the onslaught of new customers. The only problem is: nobody’s calling. Even worse, nobody’s emailing or stopping by. You were positive that once the doors were open and the phone line was hooked up new customers would show up in droves. But, guess what? They don’t.

Your Business’ Solution

To get new customers you need new prospects. To get new prospects your business (and your business’ offering) needs to exist where people are looking for looking for it. “Where is that?” you might be asking?

Search Engines!

The answer to any question and solution to any problem usually originates from a search engine, namely Google. Need a new pair of sunglasses? Google it. Want to find a new local steakhouse? Google it.

With everyone “Googling” every one of life’s questions and problems, local businesses are in a position to expose their offerings to potential customers by showing ads that cater to exactly what was searched for.

According to statisticbrain.com, about 4.7 BILLION searches per day are conducted on Google, alone. And about 25% (24.24%) of all those searches have local intent (insights.chitika.com/2012/local-search-study). That’s about 1.14 billion searches per day that could lead to a new customer for a local business!

Then There’s Mobile!

Of the 1.14 billion local searches, 16.37% (and growing) happen on a mobile phone. That’s about 187 million local searches conducted on a mobile phone per day!