Stonewall Kitchen Cooks Up PPC Revenue Growth of 562%

In 1991, a couple guys from Maine started selling their homemade jams and jellies at farmer’s markets all over New England.

Today, Stonewall Kitchen is an 8-figure per year powerhouse in the specialty foods and gift markets with retail shops all over New England and grocery partners all over the country.

With an eye toward eCommerce growth, Kelly Blanchard, Director of Direct to Consumer & eCommerce partnered with your’s truly at Mix Bowl Media to come up with a plan to grow PPC revenue.

The Challenge

Stonewall Kitchen knew there was a lot of growth opportunities with paid online channels but didn’t have the in-house talent to effectively manage them. Their initial PPC efforts were managed by a web developer with very little prior PPC experience, that had since left the company.

That’s where Mix Bowl Media stepped in!

A deep dive into their analytics uncovered that their prior year’s ad cost/revenue was an alarming 38% and revenue from PPC made up less than 0.1% of revenue for the entire company!

In addition, their PPC accounts lacked any sort of theme or general direction.

The Goal

With an army of loyal customers and a booming catalog business, Stonewall knew there was already an online revenue stream just waiting to be tapped into. They wanted to prove to upper management that paid search, as well as other digital ad platforms, were a viable and lucrative investment. To do that they’d have to show an increase in revenue attributable to paid search and reduction in ad spend/revenue.

The Strategy

In order to prove that PPC was a platform worth investing in, Mix Bowl Media would have to “show Stonewall the money” — the revenue, that is. To do this, we would have to re-activate existing customers to become repeat purchasers.

Since existing customers would already be aware of Stonewall Kitchen AND the products they sell, we could use “The Low-Hanging Fruit Method” — a system I’ve used repeatedly to help eCommerce companies cash in on their own customer base. Long story, short — we’d be starting with transactional and navigational keywords to generate an initial return.

The Result

Armed with newly rebuilt PPC campaigns, using “The Low-Hanging Fruit Method”, Stonewall saw Year-over-Year PPC revenue growth of 562%!

Not only that, the highly-coveted holiday months (November and December) saw Year-over-Year PPC revenue growth of 434%!

I know what you’re thinking — “That’s great! But what about profitability?”

The ad cost/revenue that was previously over 38% was reduced to 11% — that’s more than a 71% reduction!

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